The Wasis consortium presents its freshwater management demonstrator on the planet on a stand at the Grand Palais of 4 to 10 December 2015 in the framework of COP21 exhibitions.
Member companies of the consortium will provide a presence on the event (Les Films du Poisson Rouge, leader of the Consortium, Telespazio, 2d/3D, La Photo Aérienne and Charente Développement).
On this occasion will be signed a framework agreement with Columbia University New York (Columbia Water Center and International Research Institute).
Columbia is the partner that will give us global hydrological data for the demonstrator for version 1 and then the commercial application.

For further information thank you to contact :

Catherine ESTEVES, Les Films du Poisson Rouge, Leader at +33(0)6 32 23 59 28 or

Jacky GUILLIEN at +33(0) or