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Development of new economic activities

7 rue du Secours, 16000 Angoulême
Tel: 05 45 67 36 00

Jacky Guillien (General Coordination)
06 76 86 79 93

Sabine Brandes (Coordination, prospecting, communication)
06 82 59 84 88

Sébastien Rouillard (Technology Partnerships)
06 74 58 43 07

Space Imag’in is a new business hub initiated by Charente Development in 2012 and officially launched on 7 February, 2013. Its mission is to promote the development of new economic activities based on a convergence of technological know-how in image media of companies based in Angoulême and that of companies from other industrial sectors (aeronautics / space, defense, health …).

Charente Développement has carried out 2 main tasks from the beginning:

Coordinating the Imag’in Space ecosystem & prospecting:
– Developing and coordinating the ecosystem formed by companies, higher education and research structures, client partners and financiers
– Prospecting and organizing events to find new markets and additional expertise
– Implementation of communication tools and website
– Creation and administration of an association under the law of 1901 necessary for the coordination of the ecosystem

Legal, financial & technological engineering of projects:
– Support for collaborative R & D projects through consortium agreements in order to secure the intellectual and industrial property for SMEs / VSEs
– Seeking public funding (Feder, Investissement d’avenir, Plans industriels,…) necessary for the functioning of consortiums
– Creation and administration of an endowment fund under the law of 2008 to finance collaborative R & D projects
– Seeking new areas for scientific and technical collaboration, inter-regional and / or inter-sectors
– Organizing meetings to initiate new technology partnerships

The team

Jacky Guillien

General Manager

Coordination générale

Sabine Brandes

Project Manager

Coordination, prospecting, communication tools

Sébastien Rouillard

Project Manager

Technology Partnerships