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Management science, humanities, marketing, consumption

Market Strategies and Consumer Cultures (MSCC)
186 rue de Bordeaux – 16025 Angoulême Cedex
Tel. : 05 45 21 00 11

Principal :
Inès de La Ville – University Professor

Olivier Rampnoux – Teacher Researcher

Created in 2003 by the IAE business school of the University of Poitiers on its Angoulême site, the CEPE provides general training in marketing and management techniques applied to different products and consumer markets. It participates in the structuring of two regional development projects: “Pôle Image MAGELIS” and “Vallée de l’Image et du Packaging”.

The CEntre de REcherche en GEstion CE.RE.GE (EA 1722) is a research laboratory for management sciences composed of research professors from the Universities of Poitiers, La Rochelle, and ESC La Rochelle. Through its network this structure covers the Poitou-Charentes Region and two of the three universities of the PRES “Poitou Charentes, Limousin” higher education research hub
It brings together teachers and researchers from other disciplines such as sociology, information science, communications, and science and technology of physical and sports activities.

The work of the team “Market Strategies and Consumer Cultures” (MSCC), based at the CEPE, falls within a line of research which incorporates the latest knowledge of the social sciences (history, psychology, sociology, semiotics, law, political science, etc.), related to the stakes associated with consumer activities. The team handles all forms of consumption with a link to the notion of childhood and youth. This broad field of research, which includes the unborn child, covers the consumer practices children and young people, and extends to the nostalgic consumption of adults in reference to their own childhood. Its work is recognized both academically and among professionals.

Collaborations / Partnerships:
The team develops collaborations through various contracts. The main contracts are:

ANR Ludo Aliments : research project on markets and segments of playful food and its communication

ANR Bienfants : research project on children’s goods in the family space

KOMPANY : the game that is not affected by the crisis, game developed by Ouat Entertainment in partnership with the CEPE. Kompany is a serious game to experience the business world that caters to teenagers aged 13-16 years to allow them to understand the main mechanisms that govern the professional world but also to acquire the associated vocabulary.

The “Santa Claus” Secretariat: The “Santa Claus” Secretariat: Socio-historical research on the creation, rise and organization of the Secretariat, in partnership with the Post Office. The study includes the operation of different archives of La Poste and the meeting of the main actors contributing to the operation and the institutionalization of this service. A book is being written.
The Digital Book: a study of the perception of digital children’s book, in partnership with the studio Néolibris / IGS-CP. The project should identify the obstacles and motivations for ownership of digital books for children.

« Introduction to culinary arts » : in partnership with the DRAAF and Maguerite de Valois high school, a pilot project on learning culinary practices and food education of college students.


Option – Brand Management and Children’s Products (FI)
Option – Communication Design and Packaging (FI)

The team

Inès de la Ville


Director of the CEPE, a documentation, teaching and research unit on children's consumption which supports the activities of the Master in Plurimedia Marketing and Consumption, which she created in the University of Poitiers.

Olivier Rampnoux

Teacher Researcher

Olivier Rampnoux works at the CEPE where he has had educational responsibility of the first year of the Masters since its inception. He led the KAISHA Serious game project for CEREGE, and has participated in several Prim Innov initiatives.