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Audiovisual productions


Christian TARRADE (Technical Director since 1998)

Sylvie DAVIN -TARRADE (Administrative & Commercial Director)


3 rue Trousset – 16000 Angoulême – Tel : 05 45 68 49 09



  • Shooting/ Immersive 360° Video


Audiovisual productions Live action shooting, high-speed camera services, picture and sound post-production, studio sound; audiovisual event technical services; sale, rental and installation of audiovisual equipment

What we can offer:

  • high-speed camera shooting
    • HD visualisation
      • deformation of materials over time intervals < 1/1000th of a second (up to 10,000 images/sec)
      • impacts, vibrations and all physical phenomena such as bending, buckling, explosion, combustion, cavitation, dusting, etc…
    • Post-production of sequences – Support for dynamic analysis of materials and fluid dynamics
    • High-speed shots of systems in operation – synchronized display of the technical behaviour of each element of a system – support for analysis of interactions.
  • Time lapse:
    • shots at regular intervals, and post-production animation,
    • acceleration of videos,
    • highlighting natural phenomena by accelerating sequences (vegetation index, creep of solid materials, evolution of rivers, etc…)
  • But also:
    • Production, staging, audio/video editing, direction
      •  Internal/external communication
      • Professional Information and training  tools.
      • Science popularisation


Key technologies

Live-action shooting (HD), multi-standard editing, high-speed camera shooting (10 000i/sec)

Equipment used

Sony full HD cameras, AVID full HD editing station, Phantom scientific camera, ProcImage


Media Composer 6.5, After effects, Phantom camera dedicated software


The team

Christian TARRADE

Technical Director

Technical Director and Associate Partner of Maximum video (Groupe Sud Ouest) until 1996.
Over the years Christian Tarrade has become a reference in the audiovisual field.
His professional experience and his great versatility allow him to adapt to any filming, editing or service provision situation, regardless of the complexity.

Davin-Tarrade Sylvie

Administrative & Commercial Director

After graduating with a degree in modern languages applied to business, Sylvie Davin taught in Germany before returning to Charente in 1986 where she joined the sales departments of several companies in Charente. She joined Mozaïk in 2000 where she is in charge of administration and sales.