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Aerial photography by drone, immersive 360° video

Manager: Philippe Métifet

Le Grand Bourglioux
16120 Châteauneuf/Charente

Office: +33(0)9 80 44 01 71
Cellphone: +33(0)6 64 61 75 53


  • Shooting/ Immersive 360° Video


Illustration and Communication photography, technical shots
Trainer in live-action shooting (Photography, Film Animation) and image retouching
Immersive 360° video

What we can offer
– Panoramic photos and videos, ground or aerial
– technical photo reports
– Immersive video:
— recording and reproduction of the environment in 360° video, the viewer can move in the video using the mouse on the PC or by moving the tablet (Androïd or Ipad) to move through 360° in the video (see website)


Key technologies
– 360° photo
– Development of a multi-camera system for 360° shooting.
Playable on PC, Ipad, smartphone or online via Internet This video shooting technology can be used regardless of the means of transport, on foot (steadycam), vehicle (bicycle, car, motorbike, …) under a drone, helicopter, etc.

Equipment used
Photography: Professional camera and range of professional lenses, flash and studio accessories
Immersive video: Multi-camera system, electric drone

Various video editing and image retouching software.


  • Photos

    Photo reports for Magelis, Cité Internationale de La Bande Dessinée et de l’Image Angoulême (CIBDI), Communication 22, Maisons Privilèges, Tourist Office (Angoulême), Cognac Prisset, Andia et Starface press agencies, Musiques Métisses, SAUR, etc.

  • Formations

    École des Métiers du Cinéma d’Animation (EMCA Angoulême), IUT Angoulême (Licence TAIS et MMI), Chambre de Métiers d’Angoulême et de Poitiers, Gerfi (La Rochelle), DEMOS ( Paris), Réseau Ducretet ( Paris, Bordeaux, Lyon), CIFOP Angoulême, Maison de la Formation (Poitiers) etc.

The team

Métifet Philippe


Photographer (BTS diploma in photography+ audiovisual specialization), 30 years experience in professional photography. Collaboration with La photoaérienne (Arnaud Devis) since 2009 for the creation of the Immersive video concept, chosen in 2012 at the Etincel Academic Incubator as an innovative project.