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Les Films du Poisson Rouge

Production of animated films, R&D

Catherine Estévès

37 rue Louis Desbrandes
16000 Angoulême
Tel: 05 45 95 70 29 / 06 32 23 59 28


  • 2d/3D/Relief


Production and manufacturing film animation
Research & Development

What we can offer:
– Processing images and 2D/3D video using Mode of Expression, an ad hoc software
– Deconstruction of the image from technical and mathematical data present or integrated in the image
– Extracting data for analysis
– Data analysis and applying effects
– Enhancing properties of an image
– Inserting data fields into digital image file

overlay visuals on an image (for example, visualization of irradiated areas on satellite photos from terrestrial data and / or image overlay (optical, radar, infrared …)
Image Animation: creating animations by interpolation from an initial position and final position by an ad hoc software Houdoo

Applications :

animation from periodic views taken at the same point; example: dynamic visualization of natural phenomena visible through satellite imagery – ability to juxtapose with MOE image processing technology


Key technologies
Rendering or MOE (mode of expression) image processing software, developed in-house
Houdoo (animation software)

Equipment used
PC & Mac

Adobe Suites, Maya, Toonboom, Storyboard Pro, Suite Trapcode, MOE, Houdoo, Tv Paint, Harmony

Programming languages


  • Lassie

  • CNDP

  • Réflexion

  • Tulkou

The team

Catherine Estévès