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La Photo Aérienne

Drone aerial photography (photo and video). Immersive 360° video

Manager: Arnaud Devis

Address : Le Bourg 16250 Champagne Vigny

Tel.: 06 84 97 80 09


  • Shooting/ Immersive 360° Video


Drone aerial photography (photo and video). Immersive 360° video

What we can offer: Aerial photos and videos. Quartering, analysis and processing for re-calibration of aerial / satellite images. Shooting on site, inside and outside. Manual or automatic control via GPS. Marking technical information on photos and videos. Shots of defined inaccessible areas (rooftops, antennas, bridges, windmills, etc …). Ultra precise shots close to the target (device’s stabilization system and on-board systems).

Thermographic inspection of buildings: Ability to cover the entire building.

Photogrammetry. Panoramic 360° aerial photos. Immersive 360° video. Immersive 360° ground or aerial video. Mobile or static video (streetview principle in video). Virtual tours of monuments and buildings. Virtual tours of parks. Tool for information, training and communication. Low altitude aerial observation of farms, vineyards, forests (decision support tools for fire departments, …).

Photo shoots and filming quickly organized: Crisis units. Decision-support tool. Expert assessments, reports


Key technologies: Development of a multi-camera system for 360° video shooting. Playable on PC, Ipad, smartphone or online via Internet. Navigate at the heart of the 360° video and choose your own framing. This technology can be used static, in tracking or under an electric drone.

Equipment used: Multi-camera system, electric drone, HD film camera, digital camera.

Software: Various video editing software


  • Clients

    VINCI, SAUR, DCNS, COLAS, SNPE, SCREG, CG16, INRAP, AXA, MARTELL, Crédit Agricole, Office Tourisme Angoulême, Grand Angoulême, Shelbroune, CDDP Charente, …

The team

Devis Arnaud


Training: - Electrical engineering/automation. Experience: - 10 years in the development of low-consumption automated systems - 10 years working in audiovisual, TV, events and the cinema. For the last 8 years, aerial imagery using a captive balloon and a drone.