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2D/3D games / Multipoint tactile tables


Olivier Défaux (Manager)

Eve Barbara (Production Manager)



9 Rue Robert Jolly

16000 Angoulême

Tel.: 09 83 06 54 72


  • Artificial intelligence
  • Augmented reality
  • Ergonomics/MMI
  • Interactive interface
  • Interface design
  • Modelling & Simulation
  • Virtual reality


2D-3D games, 2D-3D animation, relief, multi-touch tables / transparent touch screen, connected immersive glasses, virtual and augmented reality, remote display, wireless digital signage.

What we can offer:

Man / Machine Interfaces, multi-touch control panel, mobile and tablet-based remote controls for machines, visual and dynamic simulation.

Remote control of devices (drones, sensors, robots,…) on tablets, mobile phones.

In situ modelling and generation of visual/mechanical parameters. Automation of maintenance procedures.

Management and decision-making support tools.

Creation and staging scenarios – designing games and attractions. Theme Parks – example: turning the Cité de l’ESpace into a theme park.

Interactive and dynamic cinema.

Maintenance simulation on large multi-touch table.


Multi-touch screens, motion detection, augmented reality.

Equipment used:

Touch screens, jack-mounted simulator, Virtual Reality Headset, RFID, Windows, Android, iOS.


Unity 3D, Visual Studio, Photoshop, 3DS max,

Programming languages:

C#, C++, Java, HTML, PHP, LUA


  • Fiche Swifty Touch & vidéo

The team

Olivier Défaux


An industrial pharmacist by training, he was the director of a branch of ALLIANCE HEALTHCARE (European leader in the distribution of health products) for 7 years. During these 7 years at the head of this organization, he was responsible for the complete management of the profit centre and its commercial development. In 2010, wishing to reorient his professional career, he founded the company Dreamtronic with Patrick LOUVEL.

Eve Barbara

Production Manager

With training in image technologies (Ecole internationale de création audiovisuelle et de réalisation, Ecole des métiers du cinéma d'animation) she has worked in the production of video games and 3D for 5 years. As studio manager and project manager, she leads the development team and manages projects from the design phase to delivery to the customer.