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2 Minutes

Production, 2D/3D animation, cross-media

Jean-Michel Spiner (Producer),

Anthony Combeau (Studio manager)

1 rue Saint Cybard, 16000 Angoulême
Tel: 05 45 20 34 13


  • 2d/3D/Relief
  • Virtual reality


Production, co-production or provision of 2D or 3D animation.
Development of cross-media products
Development of production tools

What we can offer:

  • 2D/3D Animation
    • Creating animations for viewing real scenarios
      • Visualization of fixed or moving systems
      • Visualization of system Interactions
    • Cross-media – porting animated sequences on different media
    • R & D management optimization of animation data banks
      • Harmonization of cross-platform data
      • Project Organization and Management
        • Upstream reflection on the portability of multi-media data
          • Hardware considerations
          • Software considerations
    • Managing large volumes of animated sequences
        • Banking decors
        • Banking characters and moving objects
        • Banking animations and special effects
        • Automatic generation of an animated sequence using real or simulated settings
    • Multimedia interactions
  • Fun processing and scripting of scientific data usually not very accessible to the general public due to their scientific complexity.


Key technologies
GASP (internal production tools)

Equipment used
Mac, PC, graphics tablets, IPhone, iPad

Flash, Photoshop, After Effects, Sound Forge, Final Cut, Unity

Programming languages
C++, SQL, Pascal, C sharp, PHP…


The team

Spiner Jean-Michel


« Jean-Michel had fifteen years’ experience in the French digital animation industry before establishing his own studio. An engineer by training, Jean-Michel started his career as lead developer of the Mediapegs software at Pixibox and was then responsible for its marketing. It was in this context that he took part in the in the transition to digital technology of many traditional studios worldwide. Jean-Michel served as general manager of TouTenKartoon from 1995 to 2000. »

Combeau Anthony

Studio manager

As Anthony COMBEAU had a passion for audiovisual productions for children and young people (TV or cinema) and their derivatives (Bean bags…), the MMPE Master in Children’s Product Management was a concrete opportunity to study and earn a living from this real passion which some saw as a caprice of “kidults” refusing to grow up. After his Master ll year, he joined Tele Images Kids to manage the studio and ongoing productions (Norman Normal 2, Planète Monstres 2). In 2004 he joined 2 Minutes where he became head of the Angoulême studio in 2005. This fabulous adventure, and such a formative experience, is still ongoing.