An Imag’in Space Endowment Fund (2008 Law on the Modernisation of the Economy) has been established to promote R & D and technology partnerships. It aims to attract the interest of large private industry groups involved in prototypes and proofs of concept.

Contributions from industry groups can have a 60% tax exemption with regard to corporate income tax (the application for approval was filed with the Departmental Directorate of Public Finances on March 16, 2015).

Extract from the statutes:

The objectives of the « Imag’in Space » Endowment Fund are:

  • Funding research activities and technological partnerships which meet its objectives,
  • Enabling patenting relating to the convergence of expertise corresponding to its objectives,
  • Promoting the economic development of the sector of spatial applications enriched by other sectors,
  • Ensuring national and international visibility of « Imag’in Space ».

Administrators on 11 march, 2015:

  • College of Donors: London XLab – M.Laurent Husson ; (2 positions to be filled)
  • College of Institutions: Charente Développement – M. Jacky Guillien ; (2 positions to be filled)
  • College of Image Media: Les Films du Poisson Rouge – Mrs Catherine Esteves, Association Imag’in Space – M. Arnaud Devis (President), Enjmin/Cnam – M. Axel Buendia

Contact :

President: M. Jacky Guillien – Tel: 06 76 86 79 93 –

Treasurer: Catherine Esteves – Tel: 06 32 23 59 28 –

Publication in Official Gazette on 2 November 2013 – SIRET N°: 79946391400017