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Four Boosters were approved by the State (COSPACE) in January 2016 which BOOSTER NOVA (Bordeaux – Toulouse – Montpellier) concerning Imag’in Space associated with Aerospace Valley and Digital Aquitaine from 14 partners.
The objective of Booster is to implement projects involving accelerators of space players, digital and application areas.
Thirty projects per year have to be labeled as part of the Call for Projects PIAVE Industrial Projects Future – to be financed by the future investment program.
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Contact : Jacky GUILLIEN – 06 76 86 79 93 –



The Wasis consortium presents its freshwater management demonstrator on the planet on a stand at the Grand Palais of 4 to 10 December 2015 in the framework of COP21 exhibitions.
Member companies of the consortium will provide a presence on the event (Les Films du Poisson Rouge, leader of the Consortium, Telespazio, 2d/3D, La Photo Aérienne and Charente Développement).
On this occasion will be signed a framework agreement with Columbia University New York (Columbia Water Center and International Research Institute).
Columbia is the partner that will give us global hydrological data for the demonstrator for version 1 and then the commercial application.

For further information thank you to contact :

Catherine ESTEVES, Les Films du Poisson Rouge, Leader at +33(0)6 32 23 59 28 or

Jacky GUILLIEN at +33(0) or


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An application dedicated to the automotive homelessness.


Bring a new and complementary perspective on ocean conservation.

The use of mobile devices in business venues such as aquariums and oceanographic museums is highly prevalent. Also, the solution interactive table” will allow the user with a mobile device to interact with it in order to for example keep track of its experience and to continue to live the experience through other connected media such as specific website or mobile application. Depending on the compatibility of its product, the visitor / user may interact with the automated image recognition (QR code or Live) or the NFC chip reading.


Imag’in Space was exponent with Solicis at Salon IT3D, BtoB event on the immersive and collaborative 3D reality, on October 29-30 in 2015 on the site of the Aerocampus in Latresne.
Imag’in Space also participated in the following round tables:
What solutions provides the RA to improve production and industrial maintenance? Presentation by Solicis digital catalog maintenance, developed for Alstom.
RV / RA educational asset for the formation and transmission of knowledge. Presentation by Annie Claire Grare (CESI) of her training project.


“L’objectif reste Google. Un rendez-vous est envisagé courant septembre dans la Silicon Valley. Une rencontre primordiale pour l’avenir de Wasis, le consortium d’entreprises charentaises qui veut créer un géoportail axé sur les ressources en eau de la planète.”

Lire la suite sur Charente Libre :,2002434.php


Imag’in Space a été présent à Laval Virtual du 8 au 12 avril 2015 en tant qu’exposant avec la participation de 4 entreprises (Studio Nyx, Depuis 1977, Iteca, La photo aérienne),  l’ENJMIN/CNAM et Charente Développement.